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Wolvesbane Manor Chronicle - July, 2021

The Best-Laid Plans

In our last newsletter we announced our moderately aggressive project roadmap. It seems that 2021 had other plans for us. After a successful Kickstarter in January/Februrary for The W.A.T.C.H., we found ourselves struggling with health issues and then having to move unexpectedly. Thankfully, the move is relatively complete (does anyone actually unpack boxes?) and we are getting back to work.

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One pleasant surprise for 2021 was being selected to become a Ko-fi Ambassador to help spread the word about the service. Among the perks of the position is receiving early access to new features and being able to give direct feedback to the team. Another awesome perk is being able to give out 1-year Gold memberships to our community members each month! If you aren't familiar with Ko-fi, contact us for more information or check our Ko-fi page.

Ko-fi provides a one-stop site to accept donations, run a shop, offer commissions, receive sponsorships, and maintain communication with followers and supporters. As such, we have focused on promoting this page to everyone that may be interested in purchasing products or supporting us in other ways. Please stop by the site and take a look around.
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Thank you for you interest.

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New for July

Town of Mariston Mini-Setting

The Town of Mariston is built upon a tiered landscape that physically divides the districts. From the parade grounds of lofty Overlook to the industry of Lower Mariston, this mini-setting provides a brief history of the town, some points of interest, and a collection of NPCs for use in your adventures. The setting is designed to easily drop in to any campaign as new location with minimal effort but also leave room for personalization by the GM.

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Dynamic Lighting Sample Pack

The sample collection features 10 maps that have been fully configured for use with Roll20's Dynamic Lighting feature. Lighting lines have been added for all doors, walls, and objects that should obscure light and vision. Doors are marked on the Dynamic Lighting layer in extra thick red lines to make them easy to find and select. Whether you are a new user or and old hand, you'll want to add this set of maps to your collection so you can be ready to go without having to set them up yourself.

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Featured Products

Raxivort's Children

Among the xvart living in the ruins of Tor Marech, one has claimed great favor with his god. Risen to become a warlock, Naxiran has taken control of the clan through force and guile. To maintain his power, Naxiran demands the tribe provide him sacrifices to offer up to Raxivort. As is their way, the balding, blue creatures began capturing travelers and have even ventured to the outskirts of small towns and farm to collect victims.

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The Deck of Illusions - Digital & Print

The Deck of Illusions is a wondrous magical item that allows the deck's owner to create illusionary allies by drawing a card at random and throwing it to the ground. The deck contains creatures of all shapes and sizes and may even duplicate it's owner.

This deck contains illustrated versions of all of the cards found in the SRD plus two blank cards to create custom versions of the Deck Owner cards.

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