Not all adventures require leaving home.

Tabletop Role-playing Game (TTRPG) Content

Whether you are in the same room or scattered around the world, Wolvesbane Manor is creating tabletop role-playing game content to expand your campaigns or enjoy a quick one-shot session with friends. Our continually expanding selection of adventure modules, maps, tokens, and other content stretch across multiple genres and game systems to provide the materials you need for the adventure you want to have.

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Wolvesbane Manor Chronicle

A monthly register of Wolvesbane Manor's new releases, current projects, and insights into creating content and running tabletop RPG adventures.

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A history recorded cannot easily be forgotten.

Wolvesbane Manor Chronicle

The thrill of the hunt stems from the anticipation of stalking one's prey
combined with the exhilaration of its capture.


The murmur of the bustling crowd and the cries of the hawkers will not sway you from your search.

The Marketplace

Wolvesbane Manor makes our tabletop RPG adventures and accessories available through multiple venues. Diversifying distribution allows the creation of content for multiple systems and environments. Due to licensing restrictions, some products may only be available from one of the affiliates below. Follow the links to learn more about the products available on each.

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Buy us a drink and browse our products.

Ko-Fi Shop

Buy us a drink! We're not ashamed to say that we run on water, caffeine, and alcohol. Ko-fi is a site that allows you to send us drinks, back us via a monthly payment, or purchase select products directly from our Ko-fi Shop.

A pair of catfolk walking through an abandoned temple. One of them is carrying a multi-bladed spear.

Fifth Edition Adventures & Accessories

Dungeon Masters Guild

A trove of content for use with the 5th edition of the most recognized tabletop RPG. Delve into the selection of adventures and accessories to expand your campaigns or fill the voids between adventures.

A man on a city street is startled by an android wielding an energy lance charging down the road on a unicorn.

Tabletop RPG Adventures & Accessories


A continually expanding selection of adventures and accessories for different role-playing game systems and genres. From high fantasy to mind-wrenching horrors, this cache of material exists to enhance and inspire your tabletop RPG experiences.

An angry pixie wearing plate armour and carrying a sword made from a nail and a shield made from a bottle cap prepares to defend their village.

Virtual Tabletop Tokens, Maps, & Modules

Roll20 Marketplace

Enhance your online gaming experience with tokens, maps, and quests. This selection of original work is designed to augment your campaigns and assist in getting your group playing on the virtual tabletop.

It takes courage to embark on a quest and wisdom to seek allies in completing it.


Periodically, Wolvesbane Manor will begin work on a special project that requires additional funds to develop. These projects are listed on for 15–30 days to determine the demand and support for them. If the projects are funded, then they are put into full development and released according to the timeline set out in the Kickstarter.

Wolvesbane Manor's Adventures Quarterly: Volume 1

The first issue of our quarterly zine

Wolvesbane Manor's Adventures Quarterly: Volume 1

Status: Closed

As the summer warms the fields and crops grow strong and full, our eyes look to the harvest, the festivals, and the season to come. The inaugural issue of our new quarterly zine will be a tribute to autumn and its traditions. Currently planned content includes supernatural horrors, festive NPCs, and adventures themed for the upcoming holidays.

The zine will be a collection of short fiction and tabletop RPG content. Much of the material will be written such that it can be easily adapted and used with multiple game systems. There may also be system-specific portions for systems covered under the Open Game License (OGL) such as WotC's D&D 5e and Paizo's Pathfinder Second Edition.

An aging wizard touching his forehead. His face is wrinkled in confusion and frustration. Before him is an anvil on a table inside a summoning circle.

A tome of spells learned from the Illustrate.

Akmei's Spellbook

Status: Closed - Funded on February 15, 2020

Buried within the ruins of a once miraculous tower lies the vault of the archmage Mortimer Akmei. It is within this chamber that we plan to unearth a most valuable relic, Akmei's Spellbook. Rumors claim this tome contains many unusual and powerful spells, but they also warn of the dangers posed by this magic. Some historians claim that Akmei met his end while working on these very incantations. Other tales speak of a magical portal through which Akmei entered a plane of vivid colors where imagination and magic combined and from which he never returned.

Akmei's Spellbook is a set wizard of spells for 5e based on common gags from classic cartoons. If you have ever wished your mage could summon anvils from thin air to crush their enemies or make an escape through a hastily painted tunnel, then this is the spellbook you've been waiting for.

The W.A.T.C.H.

A tabletop role-playing game of paranormal investigators and cryptid hunters.

The W.A.T.C.H.:
The Worldwide Anomaly Trackers & Cryptid Hunters

Status: Closed - Funded on February 11, 2021

The world is full of unexplained occurrences, strange creatures, and unsolved mysteries. This is your chance to join the team and uncover the truth.

The W.A.T.C.H. is a tabletop role-playing game in which the players become paranormal investigators and cryptid hunters seeking evidence to prove or debunk sightings and encounters that have been reported to the agency. The easy-to-learn mechanics and character creation allow new players to quickly get into the game while still providing the flexibility to adjust to different styles of play.

Into The Black. A starship diagram and a pair of characters displayed over a nebula.

A SciFi Zine containing short stories, maps, character concepts, and TTRPG adventure stubs.

Into the Black

Status: Closed

In the year 2319, the Solarian Union—humans, Animoi (uplifted animals), and Silicates (sentient AI)—has colonized the nearby worlds and now turn their eyes to the galaxy at large. They are not alone in this endeavor and join with the Budhai, Gret, and Nalear to form the Myriad Coalition for the purpose of fostering peaceful exploration and colonization. Interstellar corporations thrive and vie for dominance over new markets and resources often blurring the lines between honest commerce and criminal activity.

The completed zine will be a combination of short fiction, maps, character concepts, adventure hooks, and other source material that can be used in any tabletop role-playing game. While the TTRPG content is planned to be generic and adaptable, this zine will be influenced by the universe created by the lead designer, Shawn P. Conlin of Wolvesbane Manor. Into the Black is both the name of the zine and the setting.

A child's world grows as they do. So too should yours.


Wisdom can sometimes be found in the ramblings of others.

Worldbuilding Articles

From Humble Beginnings
Building your own setting for adventures can be time consuming and lead to developing more details than will be used in your campaigns. In addition to the frustration that can arise from making something that doesn't get used, trying to completely flesh out your world can keep you from playing in it, which is the whole point.
Populating Your World
Developing NPCs is like cooking. Just follow the recipe: a pinch of appearance, a dash of personality, and a sprinkling of background.

Having a map can be helpful but only if you know where you are.


All of the Wolvesbane Manor RPG adventures come with maps designed for printing or importing into a VTT. The types of cartography included depend on the nature of the campaign and include overland travel, floorplans, and battle maps.

All individuals shine through the infinite diversity of the universe.

Villains, Heroes, Farmers, & Innkeepers

When it comes to keeping the time between adventures interesting, non-player characters are the key. The trick is keeping them unique and interesting. The NPCs below were created using a modified version of Johnn Four's 3 Line NPC method. To give them a wider scope of possibilities and a little more depth, our NPCs have original tokens and a general background to augment their appearance, mannerisms, and motives. Each of these characters is created to fit into almost any setting with minimal modification.

"These lands are dangerous for those unfamiliar with them, but to me they are like old friends."

Ryllae Normaris

A dark-skinned woman with black braided hair wearing a leather jerkin.

Well known within the villages and towns that border the wilds, Ryllae has made her reputation as a scout and guide. Born to hunters in a trading camp, she was raised with the knowledge and respect of the land.


Ryllae is of average height with an athletic build, dark skin, and long, black, braided hair. She normally wears earth-tone clothing consisting of a linen shirt, leather jerkin, and breeches. Ryllae's uniquely identifying feature is a set of tribal facial tattoos.


She is quiet and calm, seeming equally at home in wilderness and urban settings. While appearing comfortable around people, Ryllae can be overly blunt as she doesn't understand the intricacies of interpersonal communication.


She is a pragmatic scout interested in making enough to pay for her supplies but no more than that. She doesn't want to be "weighed down" by wealth. Her true desire is to secure a parcel of land near her birth home so she can preserve it.

"It's not my fault his purse was stolen. He never should have left it where I could find it."

Keta Thistleborn

a small female humanoid with long blond hair.

Despite her vagabond appearance, Keta has lived a comfortable life in the city and generally wants for nothing. She has always kept her tabs paid in full, though no one is certain whose money covers them. Her reputation as a daredevil is quite accurate as she will do just about anything if it provides an adrenaline rush.


Keta is proportionately petite but thin to the point of appearing sickly. Her shoulder-length blonde hair usually appears dirty and unkempt when not hidden by the hood of her cloak. Her clothing appears to be of fashionable design though well worn and rather nondescript in coloring.


She projects an odd combination of youth and wisdom with flippant remarks and jaded outlook on life. She has been heard to say that one should never tell the truth unless threatened—and even then, not the whole truth.


Keta is a fearless thrill-seeker. She cares little about gaining wealth or power and even dismisses them as being boring. While not greedy, she enjoys stealing things just to see if she'll get caught.

"Once you have traveled the wilds, you appreciate the little comforts when you can get them."

Alistair Shaw

A finely dressed man with a mustache and sideburns smoking a pipe.

Alistair is everything one would expect from a successful explorer. He is confident, boastful, and always ready to impress someone with a tale of his adventures. Despite his outgoing nature, Alistair lives a seemingly solitary life on his estate save for his regular forays into town for supplies or a pint.


Given his confidence and posture, Alistair is often perceived to be taller and more muscular than he actually is. Despite his stocky stature, he never backs down from a challenge even when faced by larger and more numerous foes.


He is confident, jovial, and boastful in a group, but always seems sullen and withdrawn if observed without his notice.


Alistair is compelled to continually prove himself capable of beating the odds and overcoming challenges. He doesn't, however, do it for the admiration of others, but in an attempt to convince himself that he deserves the life he has.

"Your mistake was underestimating me. I am a jester, not a fool."

Xanros Vara

A humanoid dressed in purple and black finery clutching a dagger and wearing a full face mask.

Xanros Vara is a bit of mystery, having arrived with a troupe of performers but chosen to remain behind. To date, it is believed that no one has ever seen the jester without their mask, makeup, and costume. Rumors abound about this individual, most of which may have been started by Xanros themself. Some of the more interesting include that they are royalty in hiding, a retired adventurer scarred so badly they will not reveal themselves, and the leader of a guild of assassins waiting for their mark to arrive.


Xanros is a tall humanoid wearing theatrical clothing of purple and black. The clothing makes it difficult to determine the figure's build. All of their skin is covered by either cloth of stark white stage makeup. Their face is always covered by a highly decorated mask.


Xanros carries themself with an air of arrogance and speaks with an intelligent yet condescending tone. They are amused by the discomfort of others, both physical and mental. Everything the jester does includes a flourish or flamboyance.


They are bored with life and have taken to living by the whimsy of the moment, the satisfaction of curiosity, and the pursuit wealth.