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Wolvesbane Manor Chronicle - September, 2020

Autumn Approaches

It's hard to believe that it is already September. Projects have not gone completely as expected but then most things in 2020 haven't. We continue to work on bringing new content to the community and have many ideas to implement. In fact we're planning to complete our backlog of projects over the next few months so we will have a clean slate for 2021. Watch for announcements of titles in the near future.

Thank you for you interest.

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New for September

Passing the Time

From seedy taverns to modern living rooms, games have brought people together for enjoyment, competition, and occasionally gambling! This add-on pack can be loaded into any Roll20 game and used either as a virtual game closet or worked into an RPG to fill time while the party is relaxing in a tavern.

Games Included:

  • Alquerque
  • Fickle Fortune
  • Fox and Geese
  • Ming Mang
  • Morris - Three, Five, Nine, and Twelve Men variants
  • Tabula
  • Tablut

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Featured Products

The Beast of Bray Road

Three days ago, Dr. Aveline Schneider was involved in an accident near her home on Bray Rd. The report states that she collided with a large animal. The creature was not found but blood an hair samples were taken from her vehicle. Lab reports indicate that the samples appear canine but of no known species.

Your team is being sent to investigate this case. Your orders are to gather all available evidence, track and capture the beast if possible, and kill it if necessary.

On July 31st, we released a system agnostic adventure set in modern day Elkhorn, WI in which the players take on the roles of a paranormal/cryptid investigation team. Lead the group through real locations while tracking down an elusive beast. This adventure is based on actual sightings in the state of Wisconsin.

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Just Another Day in Scornubel

The first supplement we published on DMs Guild was this booklet. It contains encounters and quests that are set in or around the city of Scornubel in the year 1489 DR. Each one contains flavor text and background details. NPC data has also been provided for important characters. Rather than tying these quests to specific levels, they have been designed to be scaled for use with any party. Some quests contain the required information as part of the description as varying the levels requires changing some of the creatures and challenges.

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