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Wolvesbane Manor Chronicle - July, 2020

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New for July

Wolvesbane Manor's
Adventures Quarterly

Kickstarter Launch
July 15th, 2020

As the summer warms the fields and crops grow strong and full, our eyes look to the harvest, the festivals, and the season to come. The inaugural issue of our new quarterly zine will be a tribute to autumn and its traditions. Currently planned content includes supernatural horrors, festive NPCs, and adventures themed for the upcoming holidays.

The zine will be a collection of short fiction and tabletop RPG content. Much of the material will be written such that it can be easily adapted and used with multiple game systems. There may also be system-specific portions for systems covered under the Open Game License (OGL) such as WotC's D&D 5e and Paizo's Pathfinder Second Edition.

Plan Less, Play More!

Building your own setting for adventures can be time consuming and lead to developing more details than will be used in your campaigns. In addition to the frustration that can arise from making something that doesn't get used, trying to completely flesh out your world can keep you from playing in it, which is the whole point.

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Non-player Character Samples

Four new NPCs have been made available on the website as examples of the type of characters you will find in our modules.

Meet the new NPCs

Featured Products

Raxivort's Children

Among the xvart living in the ruins of Tor Marech, one has claimed great favor with his god. Risen to become a warlock, Naxiran has taken control of the clan through force and guile. To maintain his power, Naxiran demands the tribe provide him sacrifices to offer up to Raxivort. As is their way, the balding, blue creatures began capturing travelers and have even ventured to the outskirts of small towns and farm to collect victims.

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Festhall Frivolity

Nothing raises the spirits after a long adventure like a trip to the local festhall. Have a few drinks, watch the shows, maybe find a companion or two. The Festhall Frivolity set offers the tokens and setting you need relax and remember why you adventure in the first place. This set containing 50 tokens in two styles and two maps, a Festhall/Tavern/Inn and the tunnels beneath it.

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